Thursday, 7 February 2019

Mini Blog - Sub B Ruined

Last Tuesday for #TeasingTuesday I asked on Twitter and Instagram how should I allow Sub B orgasm after over 10 days - Ruin or Ride. 

Not surprisingly you all voted Ruin, here is how it went...

Entering the room dressed in heels and a black top with him kneeling in his cage. I sit on the edge of the bed we start with our ritual, I present each shoe for a kiss and place on his nipple clamps.

To warm up, a little leg and shoe worship, making sure he was good and excited in his black cage.

Then on to the bed his face down and the larger black butt plug in - no warming up today. Time for a little discipline -
  • 2 x 10 with medium whip to warm up 
  • 2 x 10 with harder whip harder 
  • 10 with the paddle hard to finish 
He counts and thanks me through out - what a nice red bum!

Now after all that hard work, some time for me to lie back and enjoy myself, on with his black face dong and out with the magic wand, him now between my legs working hard for 3 lovely cums,

Looking down at my heels rubbing in to his back and his red bum after each orgasm - bliss!

Then back to his torment, up on all fours on the bed with the magic wand now stimulating his cage and butt plug. He holds his little cup under the cage to catch any seepage. I move the magic wand back and forth between the cage, balls and butt plug.

After a good 5-10 minutes of teasing and tormenting him, I tell him to lick out his seepage from the cup and announce the outcome of the vote - he is going to get cum, but ruined.

I unlock my cock tell him to lie back and place his hands in restraints.

Holding the magic wand to the shaft whilst keeping a grip on the base near to the balls to feel for any impending explosion. He knows the rules though, he must tell me when he is close and ask permission to cum.

After 3 or 4 close calls and a moment each time for him to compose himself, he again announces he is very close and may he cum. I'm bored now, so allow it... Just as he starts to pulse and before he ejaculates I remove the wand and hold around the base... on it goes a nice pulsing flow to a ruined orgasm!

I pick up my black dong, rub it in to his mess and make him lick it clean.

Then off with his restraints and down to the side of the bed to finish things with our ritual kiss to each of my shoes, I take off the nipple clamps and get a heartfelt ‘Thank you Goddess for ruining me’.

Time for dinner….

Goddess D.

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