Thursday, 7 February 2019

Mini Blog - Sub B Ruined

Last Tuesday for #TeasingTuesday I asked on Twitter and Instagram how should I allow Sub B orgasm after over 10 days - Ruin or Ride. 

Not surprisingly you all voted Ruin, here is how it went...

Monday, 4 February 2019

How to - A Basic Kit

I thought it would be useful to share a short post on getting started with some play kit at home as part of a female led relationship. To begin to play and experiment there is no need to setup a home dungeon or spend £1,000s on expensive equipment.

So much of what happens when playing at home is in the mind. Therefore a basic kit combined some imagine and your all set. In future blogs I talk more about setting the scene and how to use simple things like a blindfold and talking to create the mood for play and make it fun for you both.

For this blog though I'm just going to suggest some items that make a good starting point for play and in coming blogs will go more in detail on how to use them and mix them up, in bedroom play.

As I have discussed in the past, I don't believe sadistic pain on your partner is healthy and while I do believe as part of female led relationship punishment is required, I like to outsource that. Therefore this equipment here is for bedroom play, with discipline, teasing and pain but not punishment.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

January on High Heels & Butt Plugs

Goddess D and Sub B

The Month in Numbers -

10 Blogs with over 1500 Views
27 Instagram Posts with over 200 new followers
45 Tweets over 60 with new followers

Monday, 28 January 2019

Discipline - Punishment Vs Play

Punishment vs Play

With a submissive there needs to be a distinction between punishment and play. Most even the most wimpy have a level of masochism and enjoy some discipline. Therefore as part of any female led relationship and to avoid topping from the bottom there is a need to know the difference.

Fundamentally discipline play is a reward and they enjoy it, punishment is not, it is part of the controlling dynamic. They shouldn't enjoy, look forward to or worse still try to play up to get punishment.

In our relationship, I enjoy discipline play and like to outsource the punishment to a professional Mistress, you can read more below on how both work for us...

Thursday, 24 January 2019

Sex - Chastity

Goddess D and Sub B

So much of what drives men is that little thing between their legs. Mental and physical submission of their cock to you can be fun and kinky for you both. Getting control of his cock was very important in building my confidence in taking power and him in his passive submission not just when we're playing.

It has really enhanced our sex lives and is a bed rock to our female led relationship. He has accepted that sex is part of submission and the control needs to be passed over to me as part of our kink relationship. This is both mental and physical, mixing self control with my control of him in a cage. Accepting submission meant giving up unapproved releases, stopping masturbation, finding self control and giving over his orgasms to me.

I love it, he is more attentive, more interested in me and it even helps me feel more in the mood more often. Chastity really works for us.

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Our Kink Thoughts - Heels on him

'Out Kink Thoughts' will be a slightly lighter series on High Heel & Butt Plugs, focusing on topics we have opinions on or which are on the edge of our kink experiences and play.

To start the series, I wanted to look at cross dressing and what this means, specifically in terms of a heterosexual relationship. To be clear the need or interest in cross dressing can be wide and varied, from humiliation to bi curiosity to sexual gratification to a submissive or sissy uniform. There is no one size fits all view and a partner who has an interest in cross dressing needs to explain why and what it does for them. thus allowing you both discuss and see how and if it can fit in to you kink play.

As I always say be open, honest and playful and push yourself to explore kink, so don't be closed to it or make assumptions about it. Try and see how you can make it work for you and allow him the opportunity to explore it with you. This is what kink and kink play is all about in a relationship.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Cuckolding - Playing with Others, Men & Mistresses

Goddess D & Sub B

A major theme for this blog will be trust, our relationship and how kink works for us in it.

We're not jealous people and neither of us would have been faithful in previous relationships, we both have high sex drives and kink play is a controlled outlet for all of that, which we find good for our relationship. We would describe our relationship as Open, Honest and Playful -
  • Open - We talk about what we would like to explore, we don't see people behind each others back and we then use these shared experiences in our sex lives away from kink play.
  • Honest - We tell each the truth about what we want to do, what we enjoyed and what we didn't, we don't meet other people with out discussing it and don't communicate or form relationships without joint consent. 
  • Playful - Kink should be fun, if it's not we're doing something wrong. This part of lives strengthens the rest of our relationship in a positive way. If we're not enjoying something we stop doing it.
To achieve this we also have some rules -
  • We only play with others who are professionals - Men or Mistresses.
  • We don't play at home - that is a safe space for both of us and our marriage.
  • We don't get in to online conversations with professionals or other people.
  • We protect our anonymity, so we can continue to live our life on our terms.